Projects - Torarica Group Resort WIFI Network Improvement
Projects - Torarica Group Resort WIFI Network Improvement

Torarica – Improving the Guest Network and CCP support


Project Date: 2012 – 2019


Project Description:

Torarica Resort is one of the hotels of the Torarica Group and is a tropical paradise where you can enjoy everything that Suriname has to offer. It’s the ideal hotel for business, leisure, or a family vacation. Visit their website for more information.

Torarica was one of Novoteqnica’s first clients back when we started with managed IT services.  In the years we had our CPP with Torarica several sub-projects were completed, including redesigning the guest wireless network, swapping out all access points, and integrating the system with the hotel PMS. Managing the Royal Ballroom, the Banquette Hall, and Tangelo, all with sometimes very high attendance, was also part of this project.

Project Tools:

Windows Server, Teamviewer Remote support, USG Firewall

Project Hardware & Software Partners:

HPE servers,  Cisco switches, Ubiquiti Unifi switches, and access points, OpenMesh access points, Nonius High-Speed Guest Internet Access,


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