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N.V. Novoteqnica offers complete support, service, maintenance, management, repair and professional advice on all its products and services. By means of a Customer Care Package (CCP) it is agreed with you which form of service will be provided. Your advantage is that a fixed rate per month is paid for an unlimited service. All services can be provided on demand also!

Below you will find all the services Novoteqnica provides.

As our slogan suggest, Leave IT to us!!

Support Services

Most importantly, we offer Flat Fee Support Services with our Customer Care Package (CCP). In short, all hardware included in the package is maintained and serviced to maximize uptime, but in case support is needed, this is offered within record time without extra costs for the client
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Support as with our Customer Care Package (CCP) but in addition with Managed IT Services included. This means the whole IT system is managed, including Active Directories, Domain Controllers, User management, Printer management and more.
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On the other hand you our not on your own without our Customer Care Packages. In addition Novoteqnica provides on demand support on a best effort basis. Most of the time this will be the same day or the next day. Just call us for your support and troubleshooting needs!
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Additional Support Services

Moreover, Novoteqnica offers additional back up Service to CCP and CCP+ customers. To overcome Disasters Recovery, one encrypted backup is stored on Novoteqnica's premises, while a daily backup is checked at least weekly at the customers premises.
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Novoteqnica also offers Lease hardware and complete Lease Systems. Basically there is no investments needed to have your own state of the art network, servers (with services) and workstations. Just let us know what you need and we will get you a quote. Particularly CCP is always included with complete Lease Systems, while CCP+ can also be offered.
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Novoteqnica provides rental equipment, which is certainly available for our CCP and CCP+ clients. Our CCP and CCP+ clients get rental equipment complementary as replacement for failing hardware to keep their systems up and running. We provide servers, desktops, laptops and printers for example. Rental Services are on the other hand also available for events.
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Web & Programming Services

As a matter of fact Novoteqnica houses (web) programmers, which have a lot of experience in building web applications. With this in mind, we can build websites and other web applications for your business needs.
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While Web and Graphic Design is not hardcore IT, Novoteqnica has the knowledge and experience to deliver most graphical design tasks in combination with our other services. Take a look at our project page to see some of our past work.
Novoteqnica offers hosting services, domain hosting, webhosting, email hosting, VPS hosting, SSL and more. Additionally we provide Domain name registration for practically all domain name extensions.
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Specialty Systems

For your unified telecommunication needs Novoteqnica can set-up your VoIP network, from implementing the (wifi) network to configuring IP-phones and the PBX. We obviously also offer support for all VoIP systems, whether included in a CPP agreement or not.
Video Security is evidently desirable for most business, whether this is for external security or internal control. Novoteqnica additionally offers IP security Surveillance Systems from different brands, which can be integrated in the business IP network, whether this is wired or wireless.
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No matter how special your system, Novoteqnica can help out with support when problems arise. For example, Novoteqnica has experience with: Braille Systems, POS, Systems, Biometrical Attendance Systems, Printing Presses, etc.
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Consultancy & Training Services

With the purpose in mind to give you the best IT service, Novoteqnica also offers consultancy services for all fields of IT. Most advisable is to ask for consultancy services in an early phase. Whether you are setting up a new business or a new working environment, Novoteqnica can give you the best advise and can also deliver on this advise with its other services and products.
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With experience and knowledge in Education, IT and Commutation Technology in house, Novoteqnica can offer specialized and custom Training if requested by our customers. Just let us know how we can help you!
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Procedures, existing files... Papers and documents showing which job, done by whom and when... Sounds great in theory. But in reality, all these are piles of files waiting on someone’s desk. A lost document... A missed step... Works that are postponed or worse, never done. As a results, missed opportunities, lost sales, loss of time or maybe worse... Could that also be the reality of your company ?
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