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The Embassy of Brazil in Suriname: VoIP Implementation


Project Description:

Novoteqnica was asked to implement a VoIP telephony system for the embassy of Brazil in Paramaribo. For this project the design was made, hardware sourced through our partners, and the system was configured and implemented. The design also included setting up wireless links for a semi-remote part of the network. For this network, a CPP (customer care package) ensures maximum uptime and included configuration changes. Additionally, the computer network is also included in Novoteqnica’s flat-fee managed IT program.

Project Date:

The VoIP system was implemented in 2016. CPP support is still ongoing.

Project Details:

Opensource Asterisk (Issabel) implementation on dedicated hardware using a Xorcom 16-port FXO gateway, Yealink IP-Phones, and Grandstream Cordless IP-Phones. Other features used within this implementation are Recording, IVR, and Multi-location.

Size of implementation: PBX with an external gateway, 35 IP-Phones, 5 Cordless IP-Phones, 2 wireless links using 4 Ubiquiti nanostations.

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