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Customer Care Package Plus (CCP+)

With over 200 projects completed (and some ongoing) Novoteqnica wants to share these, in an uncluttered way in a portfolio view. It will take some time to add all past jobs, so bear with us while this overview is being completed

Novoteqnica has completed projects in all fields provided on the services page. Some examples are CPP and CCP+ contracts, WiFi-network setup, improvements and management, VoIP system setup and management, Graphical Design, Programming and Hard- and Software delivery. Take a look at the projects added already, which can also be filtered by their category.

- NV Novoteqnica - Projects IT ICT Suriname
- NV Novoteqnica - Projects IT ICT Suriname

See below the jobs added to our portfolio already. You may see some of our clients multiple times in this listing, but that just means multiple jobs have been completed at that particular client. Use the filters to find the projects you are interested in, or have a look at all the services novoteqnica can provide while you are here.

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