NV Novoteqnica

Our main goal is to bring network and server downtime of our clients to zero. With this in mind, we use preventive measures and the latest IT technology. We also provide server and computer leases, in which case we are sure every part of the system is up-to-date . Additionally we can provide computer repairs. Furthermore we offer installation of specialty systems, such as IP security camera systems, Wi-Fi systems and POS systems. We are registered partners of HP, Dell, APC, Microsoft, Fortinet, Cisco, Netoloji and Nonius.

Who are we?

Who are we? Novoteqnica was founded in 2008 and has been active in the field of IT in Suriname ever since. Novoteqnica specializes in Network Support (network implementation, network infrastructure and network maintenance & management). We most importantly distinguish ourselves through our preventive approach, which consequently ensures that you have to worry about your network as little as possible. In addition, Novoteqnica also offers tailor-made solutions in the field of web applications, ERP systems and specific software and hardware. Our organization consists of a number of IT specialists with backgrounds in ICT, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Furthermore, we can assist you with any IT problem with our consultancy services.

To use our method optimally, Novoteqnica has therefor established the following core values:

  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Professionality
  • Teamwork
  • Service orientation

How do we work?

Our office is located on the Houtbijstraat 24, Geyersvleit, from where we offer 24/7 "remote support". This means that we can manage and maintain your network remotely. Our helpdesk is available every day of the week and you can use "support on demand" when necessary. With support on demand we are available on call and we come on location, if necessary, for your IT handling. We prefer to work on the basis of a Customer Care Package (CCP) in which all agreements are recorded as well as the guarantees that we offer you. Very important to note, is that we are the only IT company where you can reclaim payments when the appointments as set in the CCP are not met.

Our Mission

We offer the best innovative solutions in all areas of Information and Communications Technology, with a professional, qualitative and reliable service to our Clients.

Our Vision

N.V. Novoteqnica aims to develop society by means of IT automation, IT support, management, information services and IT services. Through innovation and professionalism N.V. Novoteqnica will grow into the leading IT organization. N.V. Novoteqnica will provide high-quality products and services to its Clients. Novoteqnica will also build good, reliable collaboration with Clients and Stakeholders.


Ryan Abrahams

Ryan Abrahams

Ryan is the Owner/CEO of NV Novoteqnica. He has a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering from the prestigious University of Delft. Ryan takes care of the daily management, marketing, sales and is also in the field as a support technician if needed.
Vallenchia Wongsodjiwo

Vallenchia Wongsodjiwo

Vallenchia is the all-rounder administrative power of Novoteqnica. She runs multiple internal units, including HRM, Invoicing, Accounting, Financial Management, Sales and Facility Management
Iddo Eduart

Iddo Eduart

Support Technician
Iddo is the production engine of the company. This means he makes sure uptime is guaranteed at our clients. If something does go wrong, he will be the first on site with a remedy. Iddo is a specialist in Microsoft Windows Server products and the most used Services, such as Hyper-V, Active Directory and Domain Controllers.